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Program overview:

Based on full scale approach to meeting standards:

systematic and coherent
12 domains, 9 are up
Trade books are going to be replaced with author suggestions (no trade book dependency)
Skills block suggestion is 60 min, 40 min for listening
Program may appear scripted, but there's room for creativity. Lessons are suggested and can be tailored to individual classrooms.
Social studies is covered in every lesson
The entire program will be available in June

Confirm or contribute
See, Think, Connect
Think, pair, share in writing class
Look for grammar, spelling, handwriting, content
Reading and writing connect through stories

How is the reading, writing program working together?
Next steps for learning for child in presentation: continue on life cycle

Three things that I can take away and use:
See, think, connect
Writing samples from handout

How is writing explicitly taught in CKLA (see presentation)
Compare and contrast current curriculum to current/ State curriculum
Domino writing activity: one word that comes too mind when think about common core writing (evidence, opinion, peer review, tech, info, narrative, stamina)
See anchor standards in presentations and writing standards doc in "pages" look at writing standards
Standards seen in k work is #2, #8
Grade one 1,8,5,11,&3
Second grade 2.5, 2.8, 2.3
Attendance question: how are we being held accountable for pull-out students? Keep records of time and subject that students are removed to respond to lower test score questions.

Planning for next year:
9 out of 12 domains are currently posted online
Budget componet (presentation will be available next week)
Flip books can be projected from smart board (money saver)
Look at each of the domains to see what is already available in each school to support each domain.
Can we get current…...

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