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Car speeds

Along the David low way in colon coming up to the Pergian roundabout the speed limit is 60km/hr this is a change in speed from the highway which is 80km/hr the speed change here is because it is in a suburban area and a school zone. Speed limits are needed on our road to help prevent accidents and car collisions. The formula for speed is d/t=s (distance over time equals speed)

The aim of this prac was to use a simple technique to measure the straight line speed of cars on the David low way.

Hypothesis some cars along the David way will speed
Stop watch
Football posts
We organized our selves into groups of 3 with one person at each football post and one to write down our times.
The football posts on the far oval where used as start and finishing points. We stood at opposite ends of the oval in a straight line with each other. We chose a car travelling down the road and when it passed the first person they swung there arm to indicate that it was time to start timing the car.
The time was them measured for 100m and calculated to have a sum of We repeated this process for 5 cars driving each direction.
All the results where then recorded into a data table.

Results the data was collected by writing down the times and distances of each car and the formula d/t = s was used to get the answer in a result of m/s this was them multiplied by 3.6 to get a result of km/hr. Table a Car description | Distance (m) | Time (s) | Speed (m/s) | Speed (km/hr) | White 1 | 100 | 6.75 | 14.8 | 53.28 | Honda | 100 | 5.90 | 16.9 | 60.84 | Toyota | 100 | 5.45 | 18.3 | 65.88 | Suzuki | 100 | 5.87 | 17 | 61.2 | White 2 | 100 | 8.66 | 11.5 | 41.4 | Blue 1 | 100 | 8.49 | 11.8 | 42.48 | Blue 2 | 100 | 6.1 | 16.4 | 59.04 | Truck | 100 | 6.11 | 16.4 | 59.04 |…...

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