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The term “scope of practice” is defined as the actions, procedures, etc. that are permitted by law for specific professions. It is restricted to what the law permits based on specific experience and educational qualifications. In order to determine a task is within your scope of practice you need to follow three specific steps like define the issue, review laws, rules, standards etc and make the decision.
When we get a task to do we must clarify the specific activity and we need to obtain additional information about the tasks like the policies and procedures in the facility. Then we have to do a self-assessment to make sure that we are capable enough to do that. Because once we accept the task, we were the one accountable for that. Sometimes common practices in the facility may not be legal in terms of the tasks by the nurses. Working outside the scope of practice could potentially a reason for the disciplinary action against our nursing license by board of nursing. Based on these elements we should decide whether we are willing to accept the consequences of our own action, if not do not perform the activity.
When I started working in the surgical ICU after my orientation, they assigned me a patient who was 1st day post op after bariatric surgery. I knew that nurses needs to have bariatric surgery certification to take care of the patients. I did not have that certification that time. In addition, if anything happen adversely, the surgeon will definitely ask about the nurse whether she is certified or not. Therefore, I requested to change my assignment because my main concern was patient’s safety and I care about my license too. They did change my…...

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