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With the rapid development of modern industry, the demand of energy is constantly ascending. It is urgent to explore new energies to meet the requirement. Coal seam gas which has widely been used in industry is considered as an new energy. Therefore, coal seam gas is playing a vital role in many countries. For instance, coal seam gas industry can provide outstanding economic revenue for Australia (Hamawand , Yusaf, & Hamawand, 2013, p. 552). However, the extraction of coal seam gas encounters opposition because it would bring serious contamination to farmland and environment . This essay will outline the merits of exploiting the coal seam gas which may replace the conventional energy and to reduce contamination. It will also discuss the negative effects of developing the coal seam gas industry on farming and the environment.

Coal seam gas is the substaintial energy that can substitute the traditional energy and decrease environmental pollution. First of all, the refining of coal seam gas can lower the environmental pollution. For example, the new Kenya water treatment plant can help changing coal seam gas water to recycle, and thus could reduce the water pollution (GE; advanced technology to produce beneficial water from booming coal seam gas industry in Australia, 2011). Furthermore, the development of coal seam gas can decrease the air pollution. If the discharge of greenhouse gases were limited from burning fossil fuel, the extensive disposal of coal seam gas for coal would obtain a considerable reduction in terms of Australia’s carbon footprint (Chen & Randall, 2013, p. 7). Coal seam gas is a comparatively clean energy since it is similar to the element methane. Finally, the harness of coal seam gas can improve the electricity supply. The Australia’s power station by using gas and steam turbines could produce power ranging from 30 percent to…...

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