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SDLC Value Paper
Katrina L Gearhart
June 17, 2013
Michele Busby

SDLC Value Paper
When creating a SDLC there are phases that should be used and there is a process in which this should be done. Although, not every organization will use the same steps but they all agree on the elements that are being done in the phases that are taking place.
In phase one of the SDLC this would be the planning strategic approach there are managers and stakeholders if any that “will evaluate the effectiveness of the systems in terms of meeting the entity’s mission as well as the objectives” (Singleton, 2007) of the organization. There are general guidelines as well as system budgeting that will have to be done as well as management and stakeholders will develop a long term plan for the system that will be in strategic nature.
In the phase one there will several documents that will be generated which will include a “long-term plan, policies for the selection of IT projects, long-term and short-term budgeting plans, as well as feasibility of studies and project authorizations” (Singleton, 2007). This then will project proposals that then should be submitted to management and stakeholders about the project schedule as well the approved projects.
Phase two of the SDLC is the system analysis phase which the “IT professionals will gather the required information as well as facts and samples” (Singleton, 2007) that will be used in the IT project which is primarily that of the end users. Then a system analysis will then process the requirements that will produce documents that will summarize the analysis of the project. With this step being done there will be some type of documentation such as a report analysis that will illustrate the entity’s ability to be able to go through the developments stage.
Stage Three of the SDLC is that of the conceptual design with this stage…...

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