Security Considerations: Kudler Fine Foods Loyalty Program

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Initiation Phase During the initiation phase of the Loyalty Points project, the development team must store one to one interviews with key stakeholders in a secure location. The key deliverables in this stage are the business requirements document (BRD) and the project charter. Hence, the project manager (PM) must store these notes and documents in a secure location. If the documents are in electronic format, having a full disk encryption technique like Secure Disk from Seagate Technologies or a file encryption program like PGP Desktop would be an acceptable choice to cipher all documents in the event an inside or outside attacker stole any hardware during the initiation phase project documentation of the loyalty points program. (Conklin et. al., 2012)
Planning Phase In the planning phase of the loyalty points program, JAD session notes between stakeholders and the development team along with the work breakdown structure (WBS), Data Flow Diagrams (DFD), and system flow charts will be the key deliverables for this phase. Like the initiation phase, the PM must consider what medium to store JAD, WBS and DFD documents. If the PM stores these documents in electronic format, using a full disk or file encryption program in tandem with username/password combination for the laptop or desktop OS would be a good layered defense for user authentication to gain access to these project documents. (Conklin et. al., 2012) If the deliverables are in hard copy, having the copies locked in a file cabinet in a room with a bio-metric reader would be an ideal defense since you have a diversity of defense guarding your deliverables from inside or outside threats. . (Olzak, 2012)
Execution Phase The execution phase is the hardware, operating system (OS), and application layer production of the loyalty points program system. In this phase we introduce the physical and…...

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