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Mozilla Firefox When going to the site that requires mutual authentication, person has to present a certificate to the server by giving his/her identity. To obtain this identity, you have to contact and obtain the certificate from the certificate authority that the web server trusts. Most companies obtained the certificate automatically for their owned computers. Some companies sometime set the certificates on smartcards for employee to use. Firefox can access the certificate from Firefox store. Also, when using public website like HTTPS, the trusted root certificate is already in Firefox certificate store because it is pre-loaded.
Exporting certificate from Firefox
To export certificate from Firefox, first click on the main menu, from main menu, choose tools options, advanced, select the encryption tab and then click on view certificates. When the certificate store is opened, click on the certificate tab to view the certificate that you need. The PGP Trustcenter certificate will be listed under the TC Trustcenter name. Then highlight your certificate that is to be exported, and click on the backup button. Select a location to save your certificate and give it a name, then click save. Another page will come up that requested for password, choose a backup password and click ok. A message will inform you that your certificate has now been backed up, click ok.
Importing your certificate into Firefox
From the main menu, choose tools, options, Advance, then select the encryption tab and then click on view certificates. Click the import button. After that, you browse to the certificate file and click open. The file extension will mostly be a p12 or pfx file so choose PKCS12 file from file of type pull down menu. Now you enter the backup password that was defined when you first exported your certificate, and click ok. A successful import message is displayed.…...

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