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Protection Plan for the PBMC Condominium Association

Understanding that there is a growing problem on construction sites with thieveries and defacement it’s very important to have a proper perimeter protection. This is such an imperative proposal for the company. A perimeter protection has many designs benefits. It has been found that thieves are targeting larger equipment parts that are costing companies thousands of dollars and even tens of thousands at some point. Even the smaller tools and nice equipment that are stolen still require the money and the time that takes away from the organizations operation. Therefore, it is apparent that in order to protect property and save money on lost products the company need the best and most efficient.
Now recent research has acquired that cameras are really good for deterring burglars as well as playing as a good investigative tool for criminal acts. However, even though the cameras help serve as an aid to recover of some property, the damage and destruction is still done. Also perimeter fencing is very popular as well, however because of the fact that the fencing is only used for a temporary manner it can easily be dismounted, knocked over, or even climbed across.
Even more, the thought of having guard dogs just opens up the alley of to many liabilities. In most cases insurance aids will not allow guard dogs as a claim. However, if that wasn’t the case then guard dogs would be a great deterrent. All in all these risk could potentially cost a lot of money in the long run.
Now, most companies tend to lean towards hiring a security guards now this can be very effective as well being that you have personnel on site 24/7 around the clock to s secure the premises. What is even more is that the cost of one security guard alone could potentially very costly. Also in order to be very effective with security guards on the…...

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