Secusity Objective Components

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Security Objective Components
Hope Washington
CJS/250 Introduction to Security
John Adams

Security Objective Components throughout I will give a basic explanation regarding what security measures I would have implemented into violent scenarios where churches along with its followers had fell victim to the violent attacks of individuals who shot, burned and planted devastating bombs that had taking the lives of many and ruined the lives of those who survived.
I believe the component that deserves the most attention overall in the listed environment's would be that of the physical security feature. The components that I consider less pertinent for these particular environments during a vulnerability assessment would be personnel security, information security, and interdepartmental dependencies. My reasoning for removing personnel security from the list is due to the minimal likelihood events like these would occur on a regular basis and pose a risk. Hiring security personnel or a law enforcement officer to monitor-guard a church during service is unrealistic and extremely cost-effective. Moreover, churches maintain the majority of their order of operation with the assistance of donations from members of the church and normally these funds help pay for utilities, food, and in some cases, the salaries of priests, pastors and other religious leaders. Implementing an information security feature into these environments would also prove in effective and non-cost efficient. Each scenario illustrates the assailants target was not intended for financial gain, but rather due to a political or personal vendetta. So, installing a security system designed to protect critical information, such as alarm codes, safe combinations, and other important documentation would have done no good in any of the giving situations.
The first step in addressing security is to…...

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