Seeing Behind the Smoke Screen

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Seeing Behind the Smoke Screen
Markus Coleman
University of Phoenix Psy

Seeing Behind the Smoke Screen 2

Bias this is the downfall that we face as people. As is seems everyone has the own agenda but clearly the smoke is not easy to blow past as we think. We have to give the logic to the misunderstanding of share or given information.

Seeing Behind the Smoke Screen 3

In the media now there is more bias then good information sharing. Many things that have come about are more bashing then informing. If we stand up and force more responsibility on those who publish this information it just might take a new spin for the better,

When asked how we might create creativity to problems that are present it might be simple. Breaking things down from major issues first. By doing this all of the disruption and confusion may start to diminish. Addressing the problem at the highest level will lead no room for questions. After taking it from the top then we can focus on responslability taken ownership for the work that you share. Not saying that we are looking to stop the in-depth research or writing but give the whole story with the truth. Creativity is not putting the media in a box but given the rules and making people understand the importance of equality. Change people perspective will not be easy but really it is worth the try. Not many people if they feel something is right will look at it from a different angle but this is needed when putting information that may change a person life.

If we do show the different approach to sharing information and given people the opportunity to see it from both side this may increase some curiosity. When people start to take an interest then then…...

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