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The title of the novel is Silas Marner and the author is Mrs. Mary Anne Evans, better known as her pen name, George Eliot. The character analyzed in this essay is Mr. Godfrey Cass. Firstly, it should be known Godfrey is the eldest son of the most powerful man in all of Raveloe, Squire Cass. He is usually a good-natured man, with a very likeable personality. As easy going as Godfrey is, he has made a few mistakes in his life which he is willing to come forward and admit later. If any three words could be used to describe Mr. Godfrey Cass, it would be honest, caring and in stark contrast to the two previous descriptions, Godfrey could even be described as strong-willed. Caring is an adjective describing someone who is kind or empathetic of others. Godfrey Cass showed great care when he provided for his daughter, Eppie, even though she did not want to live with him, and continued to live with Silas. He furnished her needs from when she was a small child until her latter teenage years. “The oaken table and three-cornered oaken chair were hardly what was likely to be seen in so poor a cottage: they had come, with the beds and other things, from the Red House; for Mr. Godfrey Cass, as everyone said in the village, did very kindly by the weaver; and it was nothing but right a man should be looked on and helped by those who could afford it, when he had brought up an orphan child, and been father and mother to her—and had lost his money too, so as he had nothing but what he worked for week by week, and when the weaving was going down too—for there was less and less flax spun—and Master Marner was none so young.” (Eliot, 2134-2142)
Honesty is a term describing those who show true integrity, or moral values, such as truthfulness and veracity. Honesty was shown by Godfrey Cass when he decided to confess to his wife Nancy, he had been previously married, and Eppie was his…...

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