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According to Keirsey Temperament and Myers Briggs test, my personality profile type is a type ESTJ. To learn more about my personality type, it is important for me that I go into more detail of the interpretation of the meaning of ESTJ.
Briefly, the E refers to Extraversion (versus Introversion), which mean that I act first then think or reflect later, also am usually open to and motivated by the outside world of people and things, and I enjoy a wide variety and change in people. The S refers to Sensing (versus intuition), which mean I like clear and concrete information, am good at recalling in details facts and past events. In addition, I live in the now, and attend to present opportunities, I also use more of common sense and I improvise best from past experience. The T refers to Thinking (versus Feeling), which mean I instinctively search for facts and logic in a decision situation, I naturally notices tasks and work to be accomplished, I accept conflict as a natural and normal part of relationships with people, and am easily capable to provide an objective and critical analysis. The J refers to Judging (versus Perceiving), which mean I focus on task related action, and complete meaningful parts before moving on to any other tasks. I also work best and avoid stress when am ahead of deadlines. In addition, I always plan in advance before taking any action. An overall perspective of an ESTJ on a career path , am a Guardian which mean I have a natural talent in managing goods and services, use all my skills to keep things running smoothly. I can have lots fun with my friends and at the same time am quite serious about my duties and responsibilities. Am dependable and trustworthy, am also practical and down to earth, I believe in following the rules and cooperating with others, am discipline, team oriented, loyal, and get the job done right. As a Guardian, am…...

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