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* One way if Statements – a single alternative (IF-THEN structure) * Two way if Statements – a dual alternative (IF-THEN-ELSE structure) * Multiple way Statements – a multi alternative structure (CASE structure) and make a comparison between them

D3.2 a. Write a program to read three integers and determine the smallest value. b. Write a similar program for ten integers.(for this version it is necessary just the algorithm and pseudocode)

Even the problem is very simple, please try to put in evidence the steps necessary for program development cycle (page 26 from book Prelude to Programming: Concepts and Design) 1. Analyze the problem 2. Design the program to solve the problem 3. Code the program 4. Test the program

1. Analyze the problem
Provide your analysis for the following problem statement:
Read three integers and determine the smallest value 1.1. Your analysis should be clearly written and demonstrate your thought process and steps used to analyze the problem. 1.2. Be sure to include what is the required output? 1.3. What is the necessary input and how you will obtain the required output from the given input? 1.4. Also, include your variable names and definitions. 1.5. Be sure to describe the necessary formulas and sample calculations that might be needed.

2. Design the program to solve the problem
Provide your program design for the program you analyzed that read three integers and determine the smallest value. 3.1. Be sure to describe the fundamental tasks needed to solve the problem so you can use a modular design. 3.2. Provide Hierarchy chart for the computer price calculator (see figure 2.4 page 85).

3. Code the program 4.3. Provide pseudocode of your overall design that includes the Main module and…...

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