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Senior Health: Diet and Exercise for the Elderly

In the current world, aging is aggressively reaching its peak in association with human health. Many people in our society are unaware that the mission to increase life expectancy is an ongoing reality in everyday lives. Living to a healthy old age is possible for each person as long as efficient, beneficial choices are made. In addition to healthy decisions, maintaining physical activity is crucial to healthy aging. As an adult, one should always be mindful of fit living routines and practices. Inputting regular exercise into daily routine is one of the most important foundations in sustaining well-being. The process of aging entails various personal lifestyle changes and is impacted by both consistent implement and social values. Senior health is an important issue that has been brought to light in the past few decades of baby boomers and increasing life expectancy; it brings media and community attention to the difficulties related to aging (3). By simultaneously spreading public awareness about these demographics and promoting healthy lifestyles, all of society, especially the senior population, will flourish in the years to come.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Physical activity is essential to healthy aging (5). As one reaches his or her senior years, physical activity is a necessity that should be implement into everyday living to enable of life of fullest potential. For the general population, regular exercise is optimal for the body and mind, as well as ensuring people look and feel better about themselves in terms of self-image. For example, exercise aids in the regulation of weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and joint and bone problems. Detailed clinical studies have shown that the exercise can also prevent many of the health problems that are associated with…...

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