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Half Duplex Data Communication between Two computers using LASER is a senior project design for EE 411 course. After going through a hard time I represent this project which involves C/C++ programming in addition with two electronic circuits to send data between two computers using the parallel port. At the beginning of this report, I will present background about the project in chapter one. Then, in chapter two I will give brief information about each component that I used. Moreover, in Chapter three will be about the circuit Construction. After that, I will present information about C programming and the Codes that I used in chapter four. The next chapter will be about implementation and testing the circuit to show the results. The last chapter is conclusion.

Acknowledgments: First of all, I would like to thank my advisor Dr. Mohammad Ousman for his guidance in the project and helping me to understand the importance procedure of the project. He was great working with me on the project to get useful information as possible. His suggestions and ideas were very helpful to me to complete my project. Furthermore, I would to thank the lab engineer Mr. Azeddine Hamroouni for his support and guidance in this project. Finally, I would like to thank the University of Hail especially electrical engineering department. The electrical department is helped me in my life and build a good knowledge for me.


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Chapter one: Introduction

1.1 Overview The project is based on the concept of free space optical communication. An optical communication system consists of a transmitter, which encodes a message into an optical signal, a channel, which carries the signal to its destination, and a receiver, which reproduces the message from the received optical…...

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