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Sequence of a Typical Construction Project Like everything, a construction project begins with an idea that is born of a particular wish or need. Once the decision has been made by the owner to transform this idea into a reality, in a sense, the first phase of the project has begun. During this project initiation, the owner gives great consideration to the various parameters of the project, such as, what is actually needed, the work required, and how much financing may be obtained. The decision to build is not one to be taken lightly, but by the end of this evaluation process the owner should have a clear, but very general vision of the impending project. After this period of analysis, if the project still proves beneficial, the owner may then decide to take the next step and hire design professionals to begin the ‘design phase’ of the project. Upon selection of design professionals, the owner has now become the client and the programming stage of the design phase may begin. During this process, the design professional’s primary focus is to ascertain the needs and desires of the client. Programming also involves searching into which codes and regulations will be applicable to the specific project. If required, the design professionals may also be engaged to assist the client in site selection and feasibility. A land surveyor and real estate agent may also be employed to help in determining the adaptability of a site for a particular project. There are many important aspects to consider in site selection, such as, zoning, easements, land formation, and drainage. Depending on the nature of the project, scenery and location may also be of great importance.
Once the project site has been obtained, a preliminary design of the project will follow. The design professional will now try to fit together all of the information gained from the client to…...

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