Service Request Sr-Rm-022, Part 2

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Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 2
Ryan Finch

After the previous meeting we discussed several important topics that have required additional research, in order to present a safe way to make transitions and new changes. We have also reviewed some different data flow that will work to improve the proper handling within Riordan Manufacturing to ensure the best relationship between each department. Once the final implementation is installed it will not only improve communication within the company but it will also help save time and money.
Security should be the highest point of interest or concern of any project. Security is mainly the responsibility of the group operating the system, which would make it the company’s staffs responsibility to install and operate security controls such as firewalls, anti-virus software, and also performing routine updates, and data backup and recovery points.
All data needs to be kept secure and confidential at all times. Any company data such as policies, procedures, employee, or customer information needs to be secure and it is Riordan Manufacturing’s responsibility to make sure there systems are capable of doing so. All the information on company computers should be password protected, encrypted, and only give authorized personnel access to such information to ensure data safety. If any information especially “sensitive information” were to get into the wrong hands it could really hurt the business, lawsuits alone could end up destroying the company depending on what information was compromised and what exactly was done with it.
Certain processes throughout the system such as the application process could benefit more from using third party software. By using a third party vendor this would ensure a security guarantee through said vendor. Another option would be to…...

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