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Discrimination in the Workplace
Tony Slattery
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Discrimination in the Workplace
As a minority in a workplace, I receive many discriminations. Many of them are subtle. Racial discrimination hurts and it discourages me from being productive. For an example, I used to work in a small machine shop. I was the only minority in the shop.
The plant manager posted an opening on the bulletin board for first shift supervisor. I applied for the position. There was only two of us who applied. The person who applied was Caucasian with one year experience in machine shop. I had over ten years with a four year college degree. At the end, he gotten the job even though I was the most qualified person for the job.
“One of the more difficult aspects of racial discrimination at work, is that it can often take place entirely undetected. After all, unless an employer specifically admits otherwise, who can say for sure why they made a particular decision to hire a certain individual or gave another a promotion” ("Racial Discrimination in the Workplace," n.d., para. 2).
The culture in the workplace was normal like nothing real happened. Nobody cared what the situation was as long as they do not involved them. There were many whispers and gossips. Many employees just did not care.
I was mad. My morality in the workplace was all time low. My production was down and my attitude was nonchalant. I asked the plant manager why I was passed over to the person who was less qualified than me. He ignored my question. I went to the HR manager and asked him the same question. He didn’t respond. At the end, the company fired me.
I went to the local EEOC filing a complaint against the company for wrongful dismissal. They investigated the company. At the end, I was compensated for my trouble. Yet, I felt betrayed because I worked there over five years…...

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