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Task: Research the right to vote for women in your country! MP 4
Criterion A- Knowing and Understanding and B - Investigating
This is a research based assignment so make sure that you find as many good sources as possibly. The basic information which you need to include is: 1. Cornell notes (three sources, minimum) 2. 1 A4 information sheet. (minimum)
3. Important year/s of the movement in your specific country. 4. Background knowledge e.g. the political situation of the country that you are researching; e.g. was there a war, independence or revolution at the time? 5. Was there a movement/group that supported the cause of women’s right to vote? Or were there specific women who issued a campaign? 6. Names, photos and basic facts of the people involved in the campaign. 7. Bibliography

Be prepared to present this information to the rest of the class on:______________.

The right to vote for women in Singapore!

Birth of Singapore: Singapore was founded in 1863 by Sir Stamford Raffles. It was a colony of the British Empire that existed from 1943 to 1963 when it became part of Malaysia. It was made a separate Crown colony of Britain in 1946, when the former colonies of the Straits Settlements were dissolved.
Economy Situation in WW2:
The economy of Singapore had hit a major blow in 1946 as there were shortages of food (especially rice) that led to malnutrition, diseases and rampant crimes and violence. This led well into 1947 as workers went onto a series of strikes causing massive stoppages in public services and transport. By the late 1947, the economy had begun to recover due to the growing demand of rubber and tin around the world. But it took several more years before the economy was back to pre-war levels.
Political activist and campaigner for women’s rights: Chan Choy Siong was a campaigner for…...

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