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CHAPTER 1: Using history


The uses of liberation history in Zimbabwean politics
• Historical context
• ZANU PF’s ‘Patriotic History’
• Patriotic History’s detractors
• What is Patriotic History?
• The opposition’s use of history


CHAPTER 2: History in secondary and higher education


History curriculum development in Zimbabwe’s secondary schools and higher education institutions, and the implications for reconciliation, national healing and transitional justice
• The growth in education since independence
• History in secondary schools
• History in higher education
• A review of the NASS syllabus


CHAPTER 3: Teaching history


Challenges of teaching history in Zimbabwe, points of contention and consensus, and future prospects
• Repression in tertiary institutions
• Decline in secondary schools
• National youth training service centres
• Reasons for optimism


CHAPTER 4: Supporting history teaching


Supporting secondary and higher educators, and proposals towards learning sessions, modules and activities for history teaching
• Funding education
• Resurgence of liberal principles
• Key proposals and teaching suggestions


CHAPTER 5: Teaching with Becoming Zimbabwe


How the Zimbabwe history book can offer opportunities to support history teaching at secondary and higher levels



History is the study of the transformation and growth in society over time and space.…...

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