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Shopping Malls have been around for centuries their ancestor were enclosed such as the agora of ancient Greece or the Palais Royal of prerevolutionary Paris, and covered like the Jerusalem bazaar and the famous Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. There are much closer ancestors but as famous as the old ones, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan built in 1867 is well known as it is a covered prolongation of the street with its shops, café and restaurants on two levels. The mall that we know nowadays was introduced by Victor Gruen, who designed the first famous modern mall, the indoor version of the traditional marketplace; it was an enclosed climate-controlled indoor mall in Minnesota in 1956. Since then malls have been around us and are now part of our culture. This paper will argue that malls play significant roles in suburban life.
Some people believe that malls are destructive towards our life style. In some ways this is true. Malls do standardize the way of shopping by bringing all the wants and need of our society together but people forget that malls implements their own positive lifestyle. I will highlight three main arguments to demonstrate that malls represent well our culture and play a significant role in the suburban life. First by their design as there are nowadays not only places to shop but are artistic structures, secondly by the way they serve socials functions and finally that they provide a safe environment.
Shopping malls are originally designed to attract consumers but nowadays all malls represent more than shopping. Malls represent a way of living, to create that atmosphere; the best designers are employed to design malls which represent our culture.
Shopping centers are an architectural space, out-fitted with commercial art and designed artefacts, manufactured and distributed in a market economy and so reflect our personal…...

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