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Investing in stocks and bonds as a Christian in the world today: Smart idea or foolish choice? What should a Christian valued person do in these scary economic times? Let’s dig deeper in the Bible to find out.
God expects us to be good stewards of the money and other items of wealth that He has given to us. He emphasizes this so much that Jesus even used the parable of the talent in the Book of Matthew in the New Testament to illustrate the fact that He expects us to do something with the money God has entrusted to us. The parable makes it obvious that God doesn’t expect us to be stupid about how we use our money. Technically, it is not even our money. It is His money. Therefore, we should consider God’s will about how He wants it spent so that it is used in godly manner. The parable of the talent as discussed in the Matthew makes it perfectly clear that God doesn’t expect us to just sit idle with our money. Given that godly expectation; there are many low risk ways to invest our money. Whether we use stocks, bonds, treasury bills or a savings account; there are many ways to be a good steward of Gods money during the short time that we have it here on earth. As investors; we are not being careless with God’s money as long as we do our research and feel confident that we are investing with His Will in mind.
Researching how to invest Gods money equals wise choices. Investing can be a wise choice as long as one does their research as mentioned above. Unfortunately, many Christians make the mistake of thinking that investing is the same as gambling and therefore is a sin. Investing is definitely not the same as gambling. Many people whether Christian or not make the mistake of thinking it is the same out of fear or ignorance. Some Christians are simply fearful of gambling because it seems so complicated. Most people do not realize the wealth of information that is…...

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