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The genre I will choose for this paper will be classical. I will use personal references, and experiences from friends and family about the airports process towards entering. Classical best fits my writing style because it is what I am comfortable with. The majority of my papers have used this genre, and the personalization and freedom it gives me helps me to fully asses and describe my argument.
Most disruptive part of traveling today is going through security. When you first step into an airport, you are greeted with a warm welcome and then the cashier takes your money. After checking in with customer service, you are directed to proceed to the security check point; where TSA (Transportation Authority) meets you. Once in line you are told to take off of your shoes, remove your belt, place electronics in bend, and last but not lease you are told to place all metal into plastic bend. Afterwards you are instructed to walk through a metal scanner and possibly may get frisk in uncomfortable places. And with that said you are so reminded of this special date September 11, 2001. That date alone reminds all Americans of sorrow and pain. Unfortunately from that act of termism we as a nation have been towered by that tragedy. f TSA regulations are changed will they prevent future acts and the cost of our rights and privacy.
The audience for this paper will be travelers. People who travel need to understand why regulations are in place, and why security is needed. Know one wants to go to the airports countless hours early to make sure they catch their flight. But, people need to understand that these precautions are in place for the safety and security of everyone so another catastrophic situation does not occur. The scope of this paper will start September 10, before the tragedy and I will discuss the way things used to work in the airport. My scope will end with how…...

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