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SIBA International’s Business Report

By: Maciej Baran, Andra-Magdalena Beldie, Angélica Maria Brieva Toloza, Inesa Ščerbakova, Răzvan-Mihai Toma

VIA University College
Submission date: 13th of April 2012

SIBA International’s Business Report

AP Degree in Marketing Management
VIA University College

Authors: Maciej Baran, Andra-Magdalena Beldie, Angelica Maria Brieva Toloza, Inesa Ščerbakova, Răzvan-Mihai Toma

Supervisor: Bo Leervad Christensen
Assignment: Project B
Submitted: 13th of April 2012

Table of Contents
1. Introduction 1
1.1 Background description/Problem area 1
1.2 Purpose 1
1.3 Delimitation 1
1.4 Methodology 1
1.4.1 Problem formulation 1
1.4.2. Quality assessment 2
2. Organization 3
3. Communication 7
4. Business Law 11

1. Introduction
1.1 Background description/Problem area
SIBA International is a small B2B company founded in 1992, with its main headquarters in Horsens, Denmark. Their main activities are consisted of selling home decorations in the North-Western part of the EU, especially in the market of the company's current location. In order to cope with the stagnant market in Denmark (although a profitable one for them), SIBA hopes along with the development of its market share to be able to engage a market with which it had no stable connection - the German one. Attempts have been made in the past for the desired target country, but without having consistent information regarding the potential customers and without a specialized agent with knowledge in the business domain, the company's approach was unproductive. Germany is characterized by having a high degree of uncertainty avoidance which makes it challenging for the…...

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