Significance of Education

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Significance of Education

ENG 101
December 2, 2012

Significance of education
Elementary education focuses on the basic academic learning as well as socialization schools that introduce children to a great deal of knowledge, skill along with behavioral adjustment that they require for a successful life. The education is crucial in laying basic foundation of learning to the young learners while employing different techniques of reading foundation. Inherently, despite the fact that the authority of regulating education lies in the Constitution, there is also notable indirect authority that is exercised through federal funding of national programs, together with block grants. The purpose of education is to provide skills, knowledge and wisdom to prepare our children for their future. Essentially, phonics, blending, as well as letter recognition are some of the basics method of teaching that is offered to the developing learners’, particularly in an elementary school. More important, letter recognition is the first step in reading and mostly it is done during elementary education. Smith (2008) defines phonic as a method of teaching, reading and writing English language through developing learners’ capacity to hear, categorize as well as manipulate phonemes with a reason of teaching correspondence that exist between the sounds and spelling patterns that represent them. Inherently, phonics plays a significant role in assisting the beginning readers to be in a position to decode new written words when they sound them, that is, when blending the sound spelling patterns. Gifford (2005) claims that teaching reading while using phonics is simple way of assisting young students in not only learning letters of alphabet, but also knowing the sound each letter makes. Reading comprehension is another important attribute taught in elementary schools that forms the…...

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