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The significant of international Business in the 21st century

According to Peng and meyer International Business refers to businesses (firm’s ) that engages in international cross-border economic activities and or the action of doing business abroad.Companies decide to go global and enter international market for various reasons e.g. Multinational enterprises, (MNE),this are firms that engages in foreign direct investments and operates in multiple countries. Some reasons why Firms choose do business internationally is to diversify the market and customer base, access cheaper labour, affordable resources, e.g raw materials, increasing sales/profits. International business can also be affected by certain factors such as inflation, impact on national income, government policies, subsidies for exporters, impact on exchange rates , technologies, and even restrictions on imports.
IMPORTANCE OF MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISES (MNE’s) 1. Mmultinational enterprises are important source of foreign direct investment (FDI). Besides, it is through multinational enterprises that modern high technology is transferred to the developing countries. In addition to this basic issue, a big firm may decide to set up and operate business units in other countries to benefit from advantages of location and low labour costs, for example, it has been found that giant American and European firms set up production units to explore and refine oil in Middle East Countries because oil is found there. Similarly, to take advantages of lower labour costs, and not strict environmental standards. 2. A MNE investing in an area may result in a significant injection into the local economy. This may provide jobs directly or through the growth of local ancillary businesses such as banks and insurance. It might initiate a multiplier process generating more income as newly employed workers spend…...

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International Business products. They contend that an essential condition for a firm’s successful exploitation of external knowledge is development within the firm of the ability to absorb such capabilities. Similarly, Rosenberg asserts that internal R&D is needed because it takes “a substantial research capability to understand, interpret, and appraise knowledge that has been placed upon the shelf ” (1990: 171). Furthermore, Gambardella (1992) stresses this point by observing that large pharmaceutical firms with better internal basic research programs are in a better position to exploit external knowledge. This suggests that failure to invest in learning can prevent a firm from keeping up with technological progress in an industry (Schilling, 1998). The significance of internal development is also emphasized by Kogut and Zander’s (1992) study in which the concept of combinative capabilities was introduced. They describe combinative capabilities as a function of a firm’s extant knowledge and its internal and external learning experiences. They state that new learning such as innovations is a product of a firm’s combinative capabilities to generate new applications from existing knowledge. Recent research also suggests that a firm’s level of absorptive capacity is influenced by its combinative capabilities (Bosch et al., 1999). For example, knowledge of the traditional drug development process may be inadequate for developing biotechnology-based drugs. Pharmaceutical firms have to undertake......

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...International Business- Dr. R. Chandran 1. International Business: Meaning And Scope Interdependency is a natural phenomenon; nations, living beings and companies cannot totally depend on themselves. It is the major driving force for international business. Learning value: This chapter covers the essential aspects, 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Definition of international business Emergence of developing nations in international business Motives of international business from companies and nations Fundamental differences between Domestic and International business Few successful organizations in Domestic & International business International business: Meaning and Scope In the post independence era, more than half-century Indian entrepreneurs concentrated on domestic operations and a surplus production was exported. The physical movement of goods, called EXPORT cannot represent International business. International business is defined as “any commercial transaction-taking place across the boundary lines of a sovereign entity”. It may take place either between countries or companies or both. Private companies involve themselves in such transactions for revenue, profit and prosperity. If governments are involved, they need to maintain their image, dependency and economic growth. Sometimes economic ties are strengthened through such transactions. These transactions include investments, physical movements of goods and services, transfer of technology and manufacturing. Today every......

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