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I, Pencil This article I just read is all about the great pencil. Everyone knows what a pencil is and how simple of an item it truly is, but noyone really knows how much work is put into making such a simple item like that is. You probably used a pencil before you even could read or write and that’s why its so familiar to you. The basic components of this masterpiece are graphite, cedar wood, metal, and rubber. So if you had all these items, could you make a pencil? You possibly could but it is a lot easier with some help from others. There is a lot of work that goes into making a pencil, and it all starts out with a tree. The very first pencil was made out of a cedar tree in the Pacific Northwest. The people who have to cut this tree down are called loggers and it takes them some labor hours to help in the process of making the pencil. They also use many things to help them cut down the tree, such as saws, ropes, and other tools. All of those items had to be man made at some point and it all started when they drew up a plan with a pencil on how to make these tools. There is also a lot of work that goes into making graphite also. Graaphite is found in China and then taken to the factory to be mixed with clay so it can be used to write with. The eraser has components coming from all around the world to make it useful to help people erase their mistakes. The metal component in the pencil also has people coming from around the world to help make it. All of these items just shows us the modern day market and how everyone has a little piece in something being made. I thought this story was great because it really showed me that if you want to make something in this world you have to have tools to make it and those tools come from a different markets. Even the simplest things in life such as a pencil, take a lot of time and supplies to make it.…...

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...caught but narrowly escapes being convicted of the theft. Mr. Brownlow, the man whose handkerchief was stolen, takes the feverish Oliver to his home and nurses him back to health. Mr. Brownlow is struck by Oliver’s resemblance to a portrait of a young woman that hangs in his house. Oliver thrives in Mr. Brownlow’s home, but two young adults in Fagin’s gang, Bill Sikes and his lover Nancy, capture Oliver and return him to Fagin. Fagin sends Oliver to assist Sikes in a burglary. Oliver is shot by a servant of the house and, after Sikes escapes, is taken in by the women who live there, Mrs. Maylie and her beautiful adopted niece Rose. They grow fond of Oliver, and he spends an idyllic summer with them in the countryside. But Fagin and a mysterious man named Monks are set on recapturing Oliver. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Oliver’s mother left behind a gold locket when she died. Monks obtains and destroys that locket. When the Maylies come to London, Nancy meets secretly with Rose and informs her of Fagin’s designs, but a member of Fagin’s gang overhears the conversation. When word of Nancy’s disclosure reaches Sikes, he brutally murders Nancy and flees London. Pursued by his guilty conscience and an angry mob, he inadvertently hangs himself while trying to escape. Mr. Brownlow, with whom the Maylies have reunited Oliver, confronts Monks and wrings the truth about Oliver’s parentage from him. It is revealed that Monks is Oliver’s half brother. Their father, Mr. Leeford,......

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...Fagin displays the influence of anti-Semitic stereotypes. Nancy -  A young prostitute and one of Fagin's former child pickpockets. Nancy is also Bill Sikes's lover. Her love for Sikes and her sense of moral decency come into conflict when Sikes abuses Oliver. Despite her criminal lifestyle, she is among the noblest characters in the novel. In effect, she gives her life for Oliver when Sikes murders her for revealing Monks's plots. He is ugly, simpering, miserly, and avaricious. Constant references to him as “the Jew” seem to indicate that his negative traits are intimately connected to his ethnic identity.  Rose Maylie -  Agnes Fleming's sister, raised by Mrs. Maylie after the death of Rose's father. A beautiful, compassionate, and forgiving young woman, Rose is the novel's model of female virtue. Mr. Brownlow -  A well-off, erudite gentleman who serves as Oliver's first benefactor. Mr. Brownlow owns a portrait of Agnes Fleming and was engaged to Mr. Leeford's sister when she died. Throughout the novel, he behaves with compassion and common sense and emerges as a natural leader. Monks -  A sickly, vicious young man, prone to violent fits and teeming with inexplicable hatred. With Fagin, he schemes to give Oliver a bad reputation. Bill Sikes  - A brutal professional burglar brought up in Fagin's gang. Sikes and Nancy are lovers, and he treats both her and his dog Bull's-eye with an odd combination of. His murder of Nancy is the most heinous of the many crimes that occur......

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... Onokala The adjustment of migrants to urban living is a difficult concept to analyze because the definition of adjustment varies from one culture and situation to another. A migrant may be well adjusted to the smaller group of which he is a part but may not be at all integrated into the broader community. Only when lack of adjustment leads to economic difficulties, mental illness, crime, or other problems do we have any objective criteria of lack of adjustment. The one conclusion that can be drawn from studies of the adjustment of rural-urban migrants is that there is no consistent pattern of failure of migrants to adjust to urban living and, thus, to pose problems for the urban areas in which they live. Daniel O. Price and Melanie M. Sikes The study shows that rural-urban migration caused due to push and pull factors. Along with the causes, rural-urban migration has its impact on host community. Some of the suggestions are given in the end for stopping rural-urban migration from Swabi to Peshawar. (May 2012) Orakzai...

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...student during test taking and committing acts of plagiarism by submitting papers written by others and claiming the work as their own. According to Sikes, (2008) a survey conducted in the UK of 93 educational institution uncovered 9229 plagiarism cases within a year. With the emergence and increased use of the internet students easily retrieve data and use as their own this leads to academic dishonesty which is on the rise not only in the United States but globally (Bartlett, 2009). Academic dishonesty is a serious offense and not only destroys the reputation of the individual committing the act, but is an insult to faulty as well as the educational institution or university (Gambescia, 2007). What is considered academic dishonesty? Academic dishonesty take many forms as previously stated cheating while testing, texting answers, plagiarism either accidental or intentional, having another student or individual write papers and submitting the work as your own, and submitting a previously submitted paper without the expressed consent of the instructor or professor or common occurrences of academic dishonesty (Gambescia, 2007). Plagiarism-what is it? “Plagiarism is passing off others’ work, words or ideas as one’s own by failing to attribute them to their creator/originator and it is, perhaps the commonest type of authorial offence” (Sikes, 2008). Plagiarism is the worst of all offenses considered academic dishonest and a crime against educational institutions and......

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