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Final Marketing Plan

Simply Real Foods Company

Final Marketing Plan The Simply Real Foods Company is branching into selling potato chips. This company is dedicated to producing foods that have high quality, simple, real ingredients that taste great. Effective marketing of these potato chips is key. The product tactical plan and the placement tactical plan are very important, as well. The chips must look and taste just right to get the target group to purchase them. The pricing and promotion of these chips will determine just how much Simply Real Foods will sell of the chips.
Product Tactical Plan * A crunchy, salty potato chip full of flavor * Made with only potatoes, sunflower/ cannoli oil, and salt * Simply Real Food Company, To-Go Perfect Potato Chips * Great tasting, healthy, on-the-go snack that keeps up with you * Clean and healthy, something that not only tastes good but that is good for you * The packaging will be bright greens and yellows, natural greens and yellows, with white and brown accents and wording * On the front: Simply Real Foods logo, To-Go Perfect Potato Chips, 1oz or 6.5oz or 7.5oz, in a bright yellow bag, with green handle and green seal * Starting with original potato chip, then add unsalted, different flavored potato chips, BBQ, salt and vinegar, spicy jalapeño, garlic, and/ or herb, then introduce sweet potato chips, beet chips, and vegetable chips * The highest quality ingredients bought at the best prices
Product Tactical Plan Rational
The chips should be crunchy and salty because that is what anyone wants when they eat potato chips. By using only potatoes, sunflower/ cannoli oil, and salt there are not preservatives or other unhealthy ingredients, keeping the chips a healthy snack option. Keeping the bag simple keeps the bag in line with SRF theme. That their foods are simple and…...

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