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In Singapore, people who visit Mr Bean are primarily males and females falling in the range of 15 (students) to 45 (working adult) who are health conscious and want to lead a healthy lifestyle. In Singapore culture, convience is essential. Thus Mr Bean can be seen in key areas of high traffic like near MRT stations.

However, in United State, the potential difference in consumer is that working adults requires convenience and fast meals. They are willing to pay extra or even go an extra mile for healthy food. To them, their perception is that soybean is a healthier alternative to milk (American Soybean Association, 1998)

In Singapore, people visit Mr Bean, during breakfast, lunch, and teabreak but rarely during dinner. In United State however, the differences is with their main 3 meals getting smaller, and having the habit of snacking more (Lazaridis & Drichoutis, 2005).

This habit is due to their hectic lifestyles, the need for convenience, and also the desire to eat healthier foods. So the main difference is that Singapore consumers still stick very much to the one day three main meal concept while United State consumers prefers many mini meals across the day which are convience for them (Lazaridis & Drichoutis, 2005)

In Singapore, people who visit Mr Bean prefer not to sit-in. They enjoy their beverages and pancakes while working and studying, as Singapore is a high-speed society.

In United State, people treat soybean as a healthier alternatives to milk and other diary products (Popkin, Bray, Cabaallero, Frei & Willett, 2006). In regards to coffee, US consumers prefer light or decaf coffee. They enjoy their drink serving that are typically larger in size compare to Singapore. They also like to read books or talk to one another while drinking their beverages. Even though United State is also a high-speed society, they do enjoy a few moment of…...

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