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Week -3 Discussion Board

Hi Class
In this week of discussion board, after referring all the online and offline documents, I would like to discuss about the given questions meticulously.
Why would a CEO care about the single version of the truth? Describe at least one specific reason why companies struggle to achieve it? Provide one article to support your findings/conclusions?
Dependable particular contemporary quadruplicate Chief Executive Officers assert their statement comprise effective propaganda they demand, in addition, just 13 percent of employment pioneers express their proclamation prevail constantly cutting edge, as appeared by a study by cloud-based power association strategies power Domo and Business Intelligence .A examination of more than 300 business pioneers, including 197 Chief Executive Officers and affiliation heads, discovered business pros think their affiliations need mind blowing mechanical gatherings for information driven fundamental activity, and that they are hampered by a failure to get to accommodating, proper information. The study, "What Business Leaders Hate about Big Data," found that choose 7 percent of supervisors say their reports can oblige their connection's making volume of information, and only 9 percent trust their reports show a solitary kind of the truth. The report in like way found that the most for the most part saw information disappointments among business pioneers are amassed in three zones, including how information is gone on. Around 75% (74 percent) of business pioneers said despite all that they get their information from different, separated sources, regardless of the way that more than half would need to get their information from a combined Indicator Panel.
Frank Bien, the CEO of career learning…...

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