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The aim of this assignment is to discuss the role of the nurse in the context of the inter-professional team. Discharge planning will be discussed and analysed incorporating relevant knowledge such as teamwork and role enhancement. Relevant social, economic and health policies such as clinical governance will be discussed. Perspectives of each of the principle professional groups including myself as a third year student nurse, will be incorporated and collaborative team working addressed.
The Department of health (2002) describes discharge planning as a pathway used to decide patient needs, for a smooth move from one level of care to another (Hunt 1996) and is the process through which patient’s needs are identified and plans are written, facilitating continuity of health care (Jackson 1994).
According to the department of health (2000) discharge planning illustrates well, the role of the nurse within the inter-professional team the balance between goals set, care delivered and evaluation of care from a nurse and team perspective. Nurse involvement is considered integral and, aims to provide effective discharge plans (Department of Health 2000). The Royal College of Nursing (RCN 2002) supports the concept of nurses taking the lead and recommends the development of nurse led protocols in discharge planning. However the NMC (2004) highlights the importance of nurses being able to integrate within the team, seeking advice and sharing knowledge where appropriate.
Effective and ineffective communication will be addressed, using the Victoria Climbie Report (Laming 2003) to highlight poor team communication. Effective discharge planning seeks to maintain the benefits of rehabilitation after the patient has been discharged from hospital (Department of Health 2003).…...

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