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Community College of City University
CM20269 Financial Management – Semester B 2012/13

|Name |Office (AC 2) |Office Phone No. |E-mail |
|Mr. Toby Butt |Room: 6217 |3442 4969 | |
|Mr. Joe Pong |Room: 5429 |3442 6943 | |
|Mr. Kennix Chiu |Room: 5416 |3442 7585 | |
|Ms. Maria Wong |Room: 5423 |3442 9762 | |

Course Aims:
Provide students with some fundamental concepts of modern financial management theory relevant to making operating and investment decisions. The course also introduces some of the core financial management and decision making techniques used in the business world.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs)
Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to: 1. Describe the financial environment, agency costs, the goals of the participants, and the basic structure of Hong Kong financial and banking systems 2. Explain working capital policies and apply working capital management tools 3. Apply the concepts of risk-return trade-off and time value of money in financial management decisions, and in stock, bond, and asset valuation; 4. Describe the meaning & implications of efficient capital markets; 5. Evaluate competing sources, uses and costs of finance available to corporations in corporate financing decisions; 6. Evaluate corporate investment decisions using capital budgeting techniques with consideration to ethics and corporate governance.

Academic Honesty
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