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Research and analysis The purpose of a mission statement is to describe a firms objectives and the scope of activities it plans on part taking in. In Daimler Chryslers mission statement they state that they aim to have superior products, leading brands, innovative and technological leadership. They also state that they want to grow their global presence and have operational excellence. Also they state they want high performing, inspired people to work for them. These people must also be enthusiastic, disciplined, respectful, and have integrity. The Smart Cars mission is reflected in the marketing strategy by many things. They are marketing a product that is superior to its competitors and very innovative. They also market their cars globally. The smart car delivers value to consumers by offering many different models and sizes of the car; and it has good gas mileage, 33 mpg city and 41 mpg highway. The strengths of the Smart Car are good gas mileage, low CO2 emissions, and they are cost efficient. The weaknesses of the smart car are its slow, it can only fit two people, and it requires premium fuel. The opportunities of the smart car are it already has a 100% electric car and can produce more, as gas prices rise people will be looking for more fuel efficient vehicles or alternative fuel vehicles and Smart provides them both, and they are looking to create even more innovative technology for the Smart car. The threats of the smart car are increasing competition, many similar cars with more room inside, and many other cars with better safety designs. The Smart Car has many competitors including the Nissan Leaf. The Smart car also has an all-electric vehicle on the market. They both get about 100 miles per charge. The Smart car is positioned more to be for commuters and business, while the Nissan Leaf seems to be more of a family car. Another…...

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