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Bangladesh economy is a farming based. Agriculture employs more than 30% of total employment. It’s a developing country and still more than 40% people live below poverty line. Industry is developing and employment in industry is also rising. But a long term bad effect of industrialization is contaminating the agricultural sector. Therefore, human health is encountering a threat.

Social common problems * Poverty * Health problem * Environment

Our idea
We have come with an efficient environment friendly idea which will help to develop 3 sector at the same time. Our idea is to create leaders and icons in the rural area in agricultural sector. Main benefits are 1. Economic development and employment opportunity of poor families in rural areas. 2. Health conscious corps production as well as high output. 3. Entrepreneurship opportunities for poor people. 4. Women employment opportunities
Basic idea
Water hyacinths is very easy to grow up in water and It’s very useful as well. We want to make fertilizers and fish food using water hyacinths to use it instead of various chemical fertilizers and insecticides. Using this environment friendly natural fertilizer, we can get healthy crops in a larger scale but in a cheaper cost. We also can produce fish food in a cheaper cost. Using our fertilizer soil will be more fertile and can be produce more than 1 crop a year.

Fruits are highly contaminated now a-days. From production to preservation various types of chemical are used, therefore these fruits are damaging our health gradually. We will use--------------- instead of currently used chemicals as insecticides in the fruits garden. Recently

We want to create an employment of the rural people to produce the fertilizer and…...

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