Social Media Addiction Distracts Drivers

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Social Media Addiction Distracts Drivers
Noelyne Paet
Chamberlain College of Nursing

Social Media Addiction Distracts Drivers PR Newswire (2015) reported Abby Slatten, 20-years-old, was allegedly speeding at 85 miles per hour (mph) while scrolling through pictures on her Facebook account via smartphone. Tragically, Slatten plowed into another car that killed another driver who was at the elderly age of 89-years-old. The elderly victim could have been someones parent, friend, or sibling who did not deserve a fatal ending to their life. A similar story, involved a young 34-year-old woman who received a prison sentencing of 10 years with a $25,000 fine for sending a text message while driving that could not wait, in result, crashed and killed her daughter and two nieces all who were in the same car. That women will serve her sentencing but will never be able to bring back her loved ones back from the accident. The constant reminders of roadway accidents ending in tragedy, such as those police reports, are widely spread across our nation. All tragic stories are disheartening to hear and think about; a reminder to play our part in keeping our roads safer. Tragedy may effect your next door neighbor or a stranger in the local supermarket; no matter who we are or what our background is tragedy exist and does not discriminate against anyone. People can make a difference to their daily living. There are those small percentage of people who has a habit that is difficult to break. For example, the habit of their constant smartphone use plays a major role in contributing to the dangers on our roadways. Inevitably our culture lives in the age of technology. Everywhere you look, everyone you hear are reaping the benefits from social networking which is healthy to so many socialites. Social networking connects to a wide range of groups from…...

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