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What can HR managers learn from Angry Birds?
Employee engagement has always been an area of ambiguity for HR professionals. This is one area which is very contextual and the research can conflict with evidence. This is one area where I have erred and paid heavily. But the point that I want to put forth he is that how can we understand engagement better by observing day to day phenomenon in the lives of people. One thing that struck me while playing a PC game was that how engrossed people get while playing games. Since I am also an amateur gamer, I myself have felt this feeling very often, especially during my Counterstrike times at TISS.
My latest gaming obsession is Angry Birds. I am sure there are many people out there who love this game as well, but I have chosen this game to understand how engagement works with people. For the sake of common ground understanding, I have selected Angry Birds as a game for our analysis for the following reasons * It’s a simple and straight forward game which everyone and anyone can play without requiring to go through a steep learning curve * Angry Birds has a significant Male-Female following, I.e. many women also play angry birds as compared to other games like Doom or Halo. * Angry Birds has a wider player base with respect to age group
How do games manage to keep people such highly engaged that they give it more priority than anything else? Let us try to analyze this from the perspective of a HR person.
What do we do when we play? What do games successfully do to engage people that HR manager cant? Starting with the basic and well understood principle of setting SMART goals. To simplify things for non-HR professionals, SMART is nothing but
S – Specific M – Measurable A – Achievable R – Relevant T – Time Bound
Let us try to see if games we play, successfully set SMART goals for players. Let us consider…...

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