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I. Mission Statement II. Executive Summary III. The Business • Strengths and weaknesses • Legal Structure • Business Description • Organizational Structure • Service Description • Objectives • Keys To Success • Company Summary • Company Ownership • Location • Management and Personnel • Litigation • Risk Factors IV. The Marketing • Markets (Segmentation) • Overall potential market • Competition • Distribution and Sales • Marketing Strategy • Overall Industry Analysis • Market Analysis • Strategic Alliances • Technology • Future Products/Services • Industry and Market Trends • Sales (Strategy) V. The Financials • Uses of Funds • Income Statement • Cash Flow Statement • Balance Sheet • Income Projection • Break-Even Analysis VI. The Supporting Documents

Mission Statement:
Globally equalize the entertainment playing field by giving every individual an unbiased opportunity at accessing the right doors and taking control of their destiny.

Executive Summary:
MusXtreme LLC is an Internet company that embodies one of the four main facets of the entertainment industry, music. connects musical talent to the industry professionals that make everything happen, and the fans that make all of this possible by utilizing the power of compounding connections and sharing information (social network).

The Business Strengths and Weaknesses is the combination of a social networking website and digital distribution platform that caters solely to the music industry. It allows users to maximize…...

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