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Social Networking on the Internet
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February 9, 2010

Social Networking on the Internet
Social networking on the Internet started with mostly a bunch of hobbyist in the 70s using the Bulletin Board System (BBS) for sharing files, games, and photos that were usually pirated. The BBS lasted throughout the 80s to the mid-90s. In 1995 Yahoo and Amazon set up shop and became the first popular social networking site, with 40 million registered users today. The Internet has sites in the likes of Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, and others that people can use for social, personal, political, and even religious reasons to connect around the world for Social networking purposes. Social networking has changed the way people live their lives. People just sit in front of their computers chatting, updating, or even watching videos like mindless zombies. In some ways its good and other ways its bad. “More than anything else, social sites provide better ways to keep in touch with our classmates, friends, and family” and on the other hand, “Identity theft and fraud are two bothersome concerns that have come out of social networking sites” (JJC13, n.d.). More people are using the Internet for social networking on more of a personal note. People who use social networking for personal reasons are most likely to use the Internet for entertainment, communication, and to share like-minded ideas. Sports fans use sites like to communicate with other fans to discuss their favorite team or player around the world. Women will use for socializing about their pregnancy, sharing with other women about their good and bad moments as they live through the long nine month process. Even young adults will use the Internet to post funny videos that they have made or enjoy on YouTube. People even go as far as discussing…...

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...Paper on Social Networking: Research Paper on Social Networking by Alessandro Cecconi EDD 8012 CRN 200820 Management and Evaluation of Instructional Technology and Distance Education Programs Nova Southeastern University December 17, 2007 2 Definition The term “social networking” does not exclusively belong to digital technology on the Web. On the contrary, social networks had been studied from the beginning of 20th century with the aim to comprehend how the members of a certain community interact and which mechanism can determine the interaction itself. Today social networking commonly refers to all those activities that are carried out within specific online services that provides free space and software tools which allow to create networks of people. In other words, a social networking service is a Web site that allows individuals to construct a public or semi-public profile. The mechanism is the following: social networking services enable users to create a profile for themselves, by inserting their personal data. Users’ data are not only constituted by vital statistics, but they include a lot of other information which pertains to user hobbies, passions, interests, professional background and so on. This kind of personal data, all spontaneously provided by the user her/himself, permit to create interconnected networks of people who decide to put in common their interests and to have an online identity which fully describes them. The great strength of social......

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