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Студентки 2 курса ДО3- 14.2 группыГорбачевой Ольги НиколаевныСпециальность: 050144 «Специальное дошкольное образование»Руководитель работы:Ковалёва Вера Юрьевна |

2015г. Содержание

Введение...........................................................……….................................. 3
Основная часть
1. Формирование взаимоотношений у дошкольников ……………………… 5
1.1 Понятие о взаимоотношениях в детском возрасте................................... 5
1.2 Структура системы межличностных отношений старших дошкольников в группе сверстников........................................................................................ 10
2. Формирование положительных взаимоотношений у дошкольников в процессе игровой деятельности …………………………………………… 16
3. Роль воспитателя в формировании дружеских взаимодействий у детей среднего и старшего дошкольного возраста ………………………………… 25
4. Влияние деятельности дошкольного возраста на их взаимоотношения … 31
Практическая часть............................................................................................. 33
Список литературы............................................42


Актуальность темы обусловлена тем, что основной задачей современного образования является развитие творческой, самостоятельной, свободной личности. Наше время - время информационных технологий - требует всесторонне развитых,…...

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...Name two ways in which a woman’s household roles impact her work outside the home. I love this topic, because it’s something that I complain about daily and I feel is a total disregard or women and how hard we work in society. When a woman works outside the home she has double the job. She has to come home nightly, after being exhausted and is expected to maintain the domestic duties such as; cleaning, cooking, laundry, scrubbing bathrooms, making sure the children are doing well in school, making sure the family is happy and healthy and still maintaining all of that with a smile? Ridiculous! Name two ways in which a woman’s household roles impact her work outside the home. One of the problems with women’s household roles for example would be pregnancy. Attitude is typically that all halts and the woman goes home to rear her child; thus a setback most of the time. This is due to the traditional beliefs. Even the younger generation go towards the woman staying home to take care of the children. Although the younger generation doesn’t come right out and classify women to be in the role indefinitely, more often than not the female leaves her job either temporarily or permanently to attend to the children. (Gimenez; “Marx revisited”, p.21; Michael Bittman and Jocelyn Pixley, The Double Life of the Family. Myth, Hope and Experience, Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 1997, p.179) Another way in which a woman’s household roles impact her work outside of the home is the process of......

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... Social Studies School Based Assessment Social Studies School Based Assessment Subject: Social Studies School: St. George’s College Candidate Number: Territory: Jamaica Teacher: Mrs. Oliver Year: 2015 Title: An investigation into the role elders play in preventing drugs abuse among teenagers in the community of Pembroke Hall. Title: An investigation into the role elders play in preventing drugs abuse among teenagers in the community of Pembroke Hall. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Firstly, I would like to give thanks to God almighty who gave me the strength and knowledge to be able to complete this project. For the advice given towards the completion of this project I would like to give special thanks to my parents, Orville Reid and Marva Perkins, for their continued guidance and help in this project and for providing me with the tools needed. Special thanks must also be given to my brothers, Scott Reid and Sean Reid, for providing me with the books needed to assist me in gathering the information for this project. I would also like to thank my teacher of Social Studies, Mrs. Oliver, for valuable time on giving assistance when needed and also assisting and guiding me of the right way of completing this project. Lastly, I would like to give special thanks to the members of the community of Pembroke Hall for their cooperation and support in answering the questionnaires. TABLE OF CONTENTS Topic Page......

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...SOCI 1001C To the editor of The Globe and Mail, I am writing to you with regards to an article in your newspaper which I came across recently, written by Margaret Wente and titled Inside the Entitlement Generation. It seems evident that Wente is arguing that the time frame between childhood and adulthood is expanding, and that today’s generation of young people tend to be less motivated in their behaviour, values, and aspirations. I strongly agree with everything that Wente has proposed in her article, and believe that this is an issue that needs to be dealt with. Wente believes that young people in my generation are child-like; they have unrealistic expectations, are less mature, and are constantly being sheltered. None of these qualities are attributes of a successful adulthood. Sociologist George Mead said that one’s sense of self grows and changes to suit the environment. Similarly, sociologist Charles Cooley posits that our own identity is largely a result of the influences of others. The current generation of youth has been poorly raised - not with regards to physical conditions, but rather that parents exert an ever-increasing amount of possession over their children, thereby impeding the child’s ability to find their own identity. When children are so intensely monitored it prevents them from maturing. Mead blames our culture of dependence, the over-reaching influence of parents, and the ease of modern university courses for the increased time most youth......

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...The main things that shaped my thinking in regards to “person” it would consist of three main structures of thinking my biological make-up, cultural identity and soci-cultural factors. With these three main or morally important structures, is what determines the person’s characteristics, ethical attributes, physical and health status, race and gender, religion, citizen and social economics status, education and etc. With these three categories we focus on what builds that person rather than judging there skin tone. What define me; Jodi-Ann Lawrence as a person how does my biological make-up, cultural identity and soci-cultural factors disguises me from the human race. By using the three main structure mention above; biological make-up, cultural identity and soci-cultural factors you would get to know the foundation that makes up the person of Jodi-Ann Lawrence; the norm of society would look at me as a “nigger”(black) based on my skin complexion, rather than judge me on the three structures that up a person . The Biological Make-up When you look at me the first thing you see my skin color, black, my nappy think hair, a thick woman (fat), however, this doesn’t define me. There are many layers to me. I am the first born child, to my mother and last born to my father; as well as the only girl and the only child between my parents. On the other hand, I have two half-brothers one older than the other younger. According to American Dietary and Nutrition Association, I’m......

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