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“Soldier’s Home” In a “Soldier’s Home” Ernest Hemingway helps many people to get a better understanding of what soldiers go through when they get home. Throughout the story, the reader can see how a soldier named Krebs tries to fit back into society after World War I. Krebs comes home with post-traumatic stress disorder and has troubles fitting back into society. Nobody understands what he is going through, not even his parents. He even has to lie about some of his stories from World War I to make them exciting, so people will want to listen to him. These and other issues are part of the plot of “Soldier’s Home.” Hemingway uses the literary elements of plot, characterization, tone, and irony to further develop the theme of a story involving the hardship he faces of finding a place. Many do not think Hemingway is a great American author, but one has to disagree because the plot of a “Soldier’s Home” shows what soldiers must endure when they get back home to America from World War I. The basic outline in the story is simple enough. It shows how a man named Krebs has come home from World War I to face an even greater challenge against not only himself but also against society. While fighting in the war,
Krebs probably sees many of his friends die right beside him. This makes it extremely difficult for him to get close to anyone because he is in fear of him or her either leaving him or dying. Also, he is still a little shocked when he gets home. This gives him a numb feeling and then, as if those conflicting feelings are not hard enough, his mom adds more pressure by telling him he needs to settle down and get a job. She also tells him he should find himself a nice woman to marry. Although Krebs would like to fit right back into society like before, he just cannot. Everyone he used to know has grown up and…...

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