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Information overload has been an increasing problem not only at work but just life in general. Information overload is when we receive too much information more than what we can handle and be able to make the right decisions ( As an example, I’d go to work and my email inbox would have at least 30 emails every day. Before finish reading the first one, more would come in. There’d be so much information coming in that I don’t know which one to do process first. I’d spend most of my time in the office receiving information and responding to them then I do anything outside the office, like go to lunch.
An organization’s solution to its information overload rather it be social system or technical system all depends on its mission or customers ( There is no right or wrong answer because not all organizations are the same.
In the military, depending on your Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) the solution goes both ways too. In some MOS you would only need social system. For instance our cooks, they are more in to the social system. They cannot rely on the technical system to help them fulfill their responsibilities. They have to be the ones operating the equipment or tools in order for them to be able to prepare the food and have them ready and served for the Soldiers.
In my MOS, an Automated Logistic Supply Specialist, we rely on both social and technical system to help with the information overload. We run a multi class supply warehouse. Our computer system Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS) does a lot of processing. It receives updates from our higher headquarters, all customers’ orders and their status and processes them all.
Our system receives our customers’ orders and sends them up to our higher…...

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