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The Legacy of Jerry Falwell

Organization: This speech uses topical organization. Audience analysis: The average age of the audience is between 19 and 23 years of age. There are a greater number of males than females, and all are Caucasian. All are from conservative religious backgrounds and abide by Liberty University’s guidelines. Central Idea: To reflect and admire the life of Jerry Falwell, who lived to win souls for Christ.

I. Attention-getter: A. After 73 years of serving the Lord one of the most influential Christian passed away. "A giant has defiantly fallen", Dr. Hindson. B. Jerry's life can be remembered by this one quote, " You are never really fulfilled in life until you recognize your vision and fulfill it."
II. Establish credibility:
III. Thesis statement: My audience will come to a greater understanding of the life and ministry of Jerry Falwell and will ultimately grow in respect and admiration of this great man of God.
IV. Preview statement: A. We should admire Jerry Falwell .

Transition Statement: First we’ll look at Jerry's willingness to follow the vision.
I. We should admire Jerry Falwell for his vision. A. According to Dr. Falwells' autobiography he states, "It always costs you something to do a work for the Lord. If it does not cost you anything it is not worth doing." (Falwell, Jerry Falwell: An Autobiography, 206) B. Upon starting his little church on Thomas Road Dr. Falwell was determined to reach Lynchburg, Va with the gospel. He stated, " Lord, there are hundreds of people near this little building who do not know Yo. Help me find them. Help me reach them. Help me get them inside this place."(Falwell, Jerry Falwell: An Autobiography, 207) C. As the congregation grew, and when bible reading and prayer had been banned in public schools, Dr.…...

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