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Microsoft Support Services ==========================

If you have a question about Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM), first look in the printed documentation, the online text files, or consult Help. If you cannot find the answer, contact the Microsoft Support Network. Outside the United States, contact Microsoft Product Support Services at the Microsoft subsidiary office that serves your area. For information about Microsoft subsidiary offices, see "Product Support Worldwide" later in this section.

The Microsoft Support Network ============================= The Microsoft Support Network offers you a wide range of choices and access to high-quality, responsive technical support. Microsoft recognizes that support needs vary from user to user; the Microsoft Support Network allows you to choose the type of support that best meets your needs, with options ranging from electronic bulletin boards to annual support programs. If you have a question about MASM, first look in the product documentation or consult online Help. You can also find late-breaking updates and technical information in the README.TXT file and other text files that came with your MASM disks. Services vary outside the United States and Canada. In other locations, contact a local Microsoft subsidiary for information. The Microsoft Support Network is subject to Microsoft’s then-current prices, terms, and conditions, and is subject to change without notice.

Product Support Within the United States and Canada =================================================== In the United States and Canada, the following support services are available through the Microsoft Support Network:…...

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