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Bren Mattingly Essay 2 An organized game plan is always the best way to execute your offense/defense in any competitive sport. When players know their game plan and positions on the court or field they have a better sense of where they’re going and when/how they are going to score. In basketball, this is very much the case. Every player must be identified by a certain position based on height, weight, speed, and accuracy. The team must combine their unique set of skills to deliver the most dynamic performance possible. When identified by position on the basketball court, there are 5 types of players, the Point guard, the Shooting guard, the Small forward, the Power forward, and last but not least, the
Of the first of these five position is the Point guard. The Point guard is the main ball handler and always takes the ball up and down the court after each score. In a sense, the Point guard is the most important attribute to the team. Point guards are very quick and agile, sometimes the fastest on the court. The Point guard runs every play and calls the plays by using numeric hand signals. Naturally, most every point guard has a good sense of “court vision”, such as a quarterback in football. A good point guard focuses more on passing the ball than shooting, he/she wants to get the ball to a person with an open look at the basket to provide the most natural shot possible. They do not want to force a shot or pass to a well covered area. This can most of the time lead to a failed shot attempt or a fast break if intercepted and possibly an earful from the coaching staff.

The second of the five positions is the Shooting guard. The Shooting guard is usually the player to produce the most shots. Keyword: Shooting guard. The shooting guard (most of the time) racks up the most points…...

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