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...Log Section 1 - Two reflective entries Reflective entry 1: New Beginnings Deciding to attend university as a mature age student was a decision I did not take lightly. I am working towards furthering my education in order to gain the necessary qualifications that will help me in my future business endeavour. I have found that after so long out of the education system it has been a difficult transition juggling study and work. The first units that were chosen for me in study period 2, I thought were difficult to understand having never written an essay before and without the knowledge or know how, I was not able to complete these units. SSK12 has given me a good understanding of what it takes at becoming a university student and in particular the skills on writing essays. As I have mentioned previously up until study period 2, I had never written an essay and did not fully comprehend how important the set out of a university essay was. Choosing an Essay Question was an important part of my learning in week 6 because this has now given me the beginning step in writing a university essay using the correct format. I am feeling a lot more confident when approaching the subject of essays as I now understand and have the knowledge on the procedure in completing an academic essay and what is required. I now know that by firstly choosing a question will then help you to with your thesis and this in turn will give you your main idea and sets the way in which to......

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...time they step outside there is going to be someone taking a picture or wanting information on their next big thing and it probably ends up getting kind of old. But something that could be good about all of the paparazzi is it possibly could make them more aware of their interactions with other people that they usually don’t work with everyday. Going back to college is a big step for me. It has been over 20 years since I’ve been in school and a long time since my mind has been challenged in this way. Getting my mind working again and processing all the information that is given to me is going to be a challenging experience but one that I’m excited about and looking forward to. I am specifically looking forward to reading my classmates essays because of their personal stories. It gives the reader a window into the type of person they are. I find it very interesting how ones personal experiences and choices give insight into what has shaped them into the unique individuals that they’ve become and their personalities. Its part of their life which is something close and personal to them, and they control the outcome of their story. Now that’s exciting to me!!...

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...Self-growth project essay #1: Rebuilding Christian faith Psyc 115 I chose the topic rebuilding Christian faith because I have forgotten about who God is and what he can do to help me and change who I am today. This is important to me because my parents didn’t give me along with my siblings the foundation of being Christians like other people. As for right now I still question about my religion if I truly am a Christian since I was in middle school. This topic affects many parts of my life like trusting in him, being successful, being smart, being aggressive, getting a very subsidized lifestyle, and being honest to yourself. The most defined part of my life that impacts my purpose to my project is being honest to your self because I’ve been a liar to everyone including God for everything that’s important for me. I lied to my family that I would do better in school but the results are always clear because of my grades which tell them that I’ve been do something else other than studying. Watching things that are bad for me like pornography is an insult to God which is another thing that I lied to my parents on quitting an addiction,......

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