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Russian Culture and Human Resource Management
Thad Lopez
Saint Leo University

Human Resource Management (HRM) as described by Ivancevich & Konopaske (2013) is the function performed in organizations that effectively uses employees to achieve both organizational and individual goals. Throughout the years HRM has evolved domestically influenced by both business and social events leaving behind a renewed emphasis on human capital. Today’s environment requires business leaders to focus on the financial returns of the company as well as the contributions of strategic HRM to that end. Organizations are continuing to scan the business environment looking for opportunities creating value and differentiation. Increased evidence points to an engaged workforce as a competitive advantage for many companies and more than ever these organizations are looking to expand internationally. Successful global organizations have come to understand that western theories of HRM may not apply to other cultures and as a result have found ways to remain strategic with HRM outside of their domestic borders. Russian culture is primary example where HRM practices must be evaluated in the context of Russian culture and values. Global Human Resource Management (GHRM) refers to the policies and practices that relates to managing people internationally and according to Ivancevich & Konopaske (2013) the external environment of the international organization is one of the most important influences on HRM activities and culture. HR professionals no longer question the importance of cultural differences rather they turn their focus to understanding the differences and ensuring alignment between international culture and HRM often times referring to Hofstede’s five theories. Individualism vs. collectivism, power distance, avoidance uncertainty, masculinity and long term vs.…...

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