Stakeholders Influence on Programs

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Stakeholder Influences on Programs Paper
Hannah Jones
June 8, 2014
Christine Small

Stakeholders can be defined as anyone that has an interest in or may be affected by a program and its efforts. Stakeholders can be broken up into three groups, primary, secondary and key stakeholders (Community Tool Box, 2013). Primary stakeholders are those who are directly affected by the organization and its efforts. These are represented as beneficiaries or targets of the efforts. Secondary stakeholders are those who indirectly affected by the organization and its efforts.” These might include individuals and organizations that live with, are close to, or care for the people in question, and those that offer services directly to them” (Community Tool Box, 2013).This is similar to third party type people that may have to assist in dealing with clients that are involved in a program. Key stakeholders are those who directly influence the program. This could be staff, managers, funder, government officials, ect (Community Tool Box, 2013). Stakeholder identification could also be broken up into five other categories of Clients, funders/authorizers, managers/enablers, producers/partners, and community (Johnson, 2011). However one chooses to identify the stakeholders is not as important as learning how they can affect a program and how to involve them in a satisfactory way. Stakeholders will likely expect to be involved and be informed. Benefactors and funders will appreciate being involved and updated on the usefulness and effectiveness of the program. Those who are involved in providing the services or affected by the services will appreciate being brought in on decisions and allowed to collaborate on how the program can be made better. This also helps the organization by having more insight into changes that may need to be made and help to evaluate the program from…...

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