Standards War

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What is a Standard?

According to International Organization for Standardization (ISO), standards are “documented agreements containing technical specifications or other precise criteria to be used consistently as rules, guidelines, or definitions of characteristics, to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose.”

Standards are developed by combined efforts from several interested volunteer members from the industry like producers, consumers and regulators of certain product or service.

Generally Standards are governed for compliance by certain professional organizations.

Advantages of Standards

• Interoperability
• Benchmark for Quality, Safety and Performance
• Cost Effective
• Reduce risks
• Promote fair competition and avoid monopoly
• Market Access - For instance, by meeting the requirements of a European Directive, you can sell in any country in the European Economic Area.
• Promote innovation - The shared knowledge and network benefits they afford help reduce costs and associated risks, allowing a business to: increase speed to market, create interoperability, shape and develop a new market

What is Standards War?

2 or more incompatible technologies struggle to become a de facto standard

What the book talks about?

Classification of Standards War:

1. Rival Evolutions Technologies from both parties involved in the war are backwards compatible but mutually incompatible. E.g. Blu-ray Vs HD-DVD. Both players can play DVD format but cannot play each other.

2. Rival Revolutions

Both technologies are neither backwards compatible nor mutually compatible. E.g. GSM Vs CDMA.

3. Revolution Vs Evolution (or vice versa) One of the technologies supports backward compatibility (evolution) while the other would not be backwards compatible but offers superior performance…...

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