Step Outside Your World Analysis

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Step Outside Your World Analysis
Chelsey Jenkins
Diversity Issues in Communication/COMM/315
June 14, 2012
Professor: Nalin Pant

Select an activity that puts yourself outside of your normal environment.
1. Describe the activity they chose and why? I have chosen to share my personal experience of when I tore my meniscus in my right knee, during basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina in 2010. Due to my injury I was not able to bend my right leg in any way, so all of my support depended on my left leg. I was unable to walk normal or do any type of physical activity for about 3 months. The doctors that had examined my knee had told me that I tore my meniscus due to over-strenuous activities and that I had over-worked my body. Due to my injury I had to sit out from a lot of activities and training events that my fellow soldiers participated in.
2. What type of place did you choose to experience and why? My personal experience with my injury affected me the most during my training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. I had injured my knee half way through my training and found that everything was more difficult to deal with from there on out. My injury also affected me at home¸ not only was I injured during training but when I returned home¸ the status of my knee remained the same. While in training, I had to wake up an hour early every morning to report to physical therapy for my knee, I did this for about 5-6 weeks. By stretching everyday and doing physical therapy exercises, my knee was gradually getting better but I was still unable to walk normal or participate in any physical activities or trainings.
3. What did you observe? While injured, I realized that my world had turned upside down and that everything that I did was ten times harder for me than it was before. During my physical therapy sessions, I was issued crutches and had to learn how…...

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