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A still life is a work of art which depicts inanimate objects such as flowers, plants, plants, food, rocks shells; this also includes man made items such as bottles, glasses, books, jewellery, pipes, vases and so on. Origins within the middle ages and ancient Greek and Roman art, still life paintings gave the artists choices in the arrangements and design within a composition then paintings of a landscape or a portrait. Still life paintings before the 17th century mostly contained religious symbolism relating to the objects painted. Some modern still life breaks the 2 dimensional barriers which employ 3 dimensional mixed objects such as photography, computer graphics and video and sound. Various artists include the Dutch in the 17th Century, Picasso, Andy Warhol, Ricky Swallow and Sam Taylor Wood.
The Dutch Golden Age
The Dutch golden age of painting is a period Dutch history spanning the 17th century. During and after part of 80 years of war (1568-1648). This was the most prosperous nation in Europe and they led European trade, science and art. Dutch painting of the golden age known as the baroque painting, which often shows its characteristics but lacks the idealisation of love and splender which being typical of baroque work. Neighbouring flanders work for the period often reflects traditions of realism from Netherland-ish panting.
Distinctive features for this period are genres of paintings with most artists producing the bulk of their work during the golden age. These themes and categories included,
- biblical themes
-mythological and historical themes
-landscapes/winter landscapes
-still lives and vanities paintings
-portraits of the rich economic/political aleat
-portraits of the city guards
- marine paintings.
17th Century Dutch paintings were characterised with the word REALISM.
Georges Braque
Georges Braque was a popular 20th century painter…...

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